Your Birth

At Soul Baby Birthing, we are passionate about preparing families for their best possible birth experience and journey into parenthood.

Your Strength

We are here to help you be strong in body mind and soul as you and your partner prepare to be parents. 

Your Choices

We believe in empowering mothers, fathers and families to make the best choices for them in that moment.






From prenatal visits through postpartum care, the nurturing support of a Doula can help empower birth, deepen connections between birthing mama, partner and baby(ies), and improve birth outcomes.


Along with labor/birth support and postpartum care, we offer training in Infant CPR and private prenatal yoga sessions, so parents can be prepared in both mind and body for the challenges and joys of having a little one (or another little one!)


 We will offer gentle guidance throughout the birth and postpartum journey. As your Doula team, we will provide loving support to the birthing mother's partner as well; Doulas are support for the whole family!

Upcoming Offerings