"Working with Haley was absolutely one of the highlights of our daughter's birth. Haley was incredibly helpful, with practical things to help us through the process, as well as with mental/emotional support. She was our rock! I wouldn't hesitate to trust her with the care of my family or friends. She combines a very helpful blend of knowledge and caregiving. When we have another child, she will be there with us again." ~ RR

“Haley was our doula for the birth of our first born son. We birthed at the birth center at Boulder Community Hospital and Haley was with us every step of the way. She is very knowledgeable about a variety of comfort measures during labor and birth and was a god send for both myself and my husband during our whirlwind 3 hour birth. Whether it was rebozo method, counter pressure, essential oils, nutrition and everything in between, she knew what to do and when. What I found most comforting with Haley is that she was so open minded to my birth plan. I needed someone who would be non judgemental yet help me understand the different options available during labor and delivery. She was perfect. My husband appreciated the support as well and felt Haley was such a helpful presence in the birth room. She even helped set up a meal train with our friends and family after birth. Could not recommend her highly enough! Thanks Haley!”  ~KB

"Molly was incredibly grounding during my labor. Her calm, steady presence helped set the tone to our birth rhythm.  She stood by me for hours of laboring without tiring. She was quick to check in with my husband and knew what I needed before I did! She was an incredible support and I hope to have her by my side with baby number 2!"  ~ HM

"Haley was a big, crucial part of my first birthing experience, and I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her. She was the constant in a process that started as a home birth and ended in a transfer to the hospitaL. The amount of care she provided for my husband and I helped us stay positive, gave us stamina, and made the process enjoyable. She took the time to clearly explain things to me so I understood what was happening, what options I had, and supported me during serious decision making. Haley is very knowledgeable in both the pregnant body, and natural, homeopathic remedies that can help the labor process. She was able to give my body relief by suggesting different positions, providing massages, giving helpful tips and words of encouragement. I really appreciated her services!" ~JR

"Molly was incredible. Being that I was the partner in the birth room, I definitely wasn't the main focus, but Molly made sure my needs were met, which was important over a long labor. Everyone would be lucky to have her in the birth room." ~ MB